Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm in love

We have a wedding this weekend and I am finishing up the last of the ties for the little boys and the groomsmen. 

While I was finishing up the bow ties my (ancient) sewing machine stopped working. YIKES!!

A quick phone call to my MIL saved the day! 

She offered to lend me her Bernina. (Insert Heavenly Angels singing here) It's like the Cadillac of sewing machines.

Immediately, I informed her that this was not such a good idea for her, because quite possibly she would not get it back. 

I am in love.

Isn't she lovely? She sews like a hot knife slicing butter. Smooooooooooooooth

I have had a slice of perfection and now I am now saving all my pennies so that I can have my very own.

Donations are accepted. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This To Shall Pass

That is my new mantra.

This week began with a bit of excitement.

Our week started off with little Miss sustaining an injury, on the bed no less. The result is a newly fashioned bright pink accessory.

I am beginning to think that our family will be known as the family who has the Orthopedist on speed dial. 

My son has started his own collection. I suppose to him they are trophy's. He will not let me get rid of them. So, here they sit in his room.  

Personally, I hope this is all he will have in his collection.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St.Patrick's Day

There HAS to be a 4-Leaf clover in there somewhere!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Now, go have some corned-beef & cabbage!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Often times I get so caught up in what I am doing, what the kids are involved in, the latest project my hubby wants to do, and all the little meaningless things that come up, that I rarely stop to rest.

In rest, I can truly reflect on the beauty that surrounds me; the laughter of my boy, the sweetness of my daughter's curls, or the bright green leaves announcing spring.

Today I am grateful.

Grateful for my family, grateful for my health, grateful for love, grateful for my faith, & grateful for my forever friends.

Be Grateful.

Image from here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage Giorgio Armani Re-fashion

I was lucky enough to go to an Estate Sale a few months back. This sale was probably the best one I have ever been to; vintage dishes, handbags, and tons of clothes. The owner of everything had expensive taste AND it was a huge plus for me because most of the clothes were around my size.

Fast forward to just a few weeks back... While I was purging my house I found my stash of clothes that I picked up ... I use the term "found" loosely ... you see they were in a bag on the floor of my closet. (I have not quite made it clean my closet just yet...)

I went through the bag and tried on (again) a few of the items I picked up. One was a fabulously Fall, plaid skirt. I nabbed it because of the style. It buttoned in the front & tied in the back... but not like you would think. Take a look:

Cute, no?

Every once and a while I would put it on to wear, and then take it off. I wasn't in love with the look of it.

I think the problem with it (for me) is that this is a high waisted skirt. There is no getting around this, while still preserving the button front & tied back. Honestly, that is my favorite feature and I didn't want to touch that.

So ... I cut it in half. Well, almost. I cut several inches off the bottom and hemmed it.

It's perfect! Pair this *new* skirt with a fitted brown tee some fun T-Strap heels and I am ready to go!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Angel Among Us: Lessons from Kim

I hadn't planned to blog much this week. But my heart hurts and I can't stop thinking about my dear friend and her family. Sometimes it feels better to write it out so here goes...

Kimberly lived her life with purpose. She was a devoted Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, & Friend.

She was my friend.

To know Kim was to love her. You would love her if for no other reason, simply because she loved you. She had the ability to make everyone think she was your best friend. Sincerely. 

I want to honor Kim by sharing some of the lessons she taught me.

Get a sitter and do out with your hubby - even if you just get in the car and drive to get a cold refreshing beverage.

When Robert and I were newly married, before we had any kids, Kim and her husband, Robby, would call, tell us they got a baby-sitter, and invite us to go out for a drive. I didn't get it until after we had kids. Lesson: Who cares what or where date night is; you are with your love and away from the kids. 

Be your kids Mom. Sounds like a no-brainer right? Kim was supermom. Her life was her kids. She had 5 of them and loved every one of them to her core. She sacrificed so much for them, but to her it was never a sacrifice. She taught them how to be kind, loving, courageous, giving, and to love Christ.

Boys will be boys. Kim's oldest 3 are boys. Her boys think she is the coolest mom - EVER. Not only has she supported and encouraged these boys with everything from sports to general playtime, but she gave her boys such freedom to explore the world and get dirty, messy, and everything in between. The more dirty, the better!

Faith and a love of Christ. She taught her children to have faith in God and instilled a love of Christ in them.

The last time I saw Kim was about 2 weeks ago. We chatted in the hall at church. One of her boys was in tears and I asked her what was wrong. Kim informed me that he was sad because they were leaving to drive back home, and that was sad because he wanted to stay to go to Primary. It melted my heart that this 10 year old boy was sad to leave church.

Give. Give of yourself, give of your time, and give of your talents. Kim was a giver and a doer. She was the first to lend a helping hand wherever needed. It didn't surprise me that he final act on Earth was to serve others. Even in death she gave of herself. As an organ donor, Kim gave the gift of life to 4 people in need.

Speak with Love. I never once heard Kim utter a negative remark towards anyone.

The world lost a beautiful soul, but her memory of love and kindness will live on.

If you feel so inclined, the family has set up a memorial fund to assist the 5 children that Kim left behind.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beach Theme Wedding

I am currently working on an order for an up coming bridal shower using my classy Starfish invitation. 

It got me thinking about having a beach wedding. And since I have A.D.D. design tendencies, I can't help but turn to the web to see what others have done. 

If I were to plan a beach theme wedding or bridal shower I just might do something like this: 

I love the idea of giving away sand in a bottle. My hubs and I met on Balboa Island. If we had chosen a beach theme for our wedding, how cool would that be to give sand from the island in mini bottles? 

p.s. the starfish invitation is also available at pingg.

table setting image via October Hill
cake via envy cake
pom pom table via Martha
hampton's sand, centerpiece & groomsmen
via Amorology & Amelia Lyon

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Garden

I am currently dreaming of having a garden full of ranunculus flowers. I love the fullness of the petals and all the bright colors.

Once in full bloom (or almost full) I will pick them out of the garden and bring them inside.

Then, I would put them in a gorgeous arrangement
It is March.

The perfect time to start planting these gorgeous flowers.

A soon as the nights stop dropping to freezing levels I will plant my flower garden!

image 1 via GardenSnob
image 2 via SweetStylings
image 3 - I don't remember. I think I've had this image saved on my computer for a while now