Monday, November 15, 2010

Queen Bee Market {handmade heaven}

Every once and a while something will come up last minute and I make it happen. Such was the case this past weekend. Friday afternoon my friend and I left our little bubble here in OC and drove down to San Diego for the Queen Bee Market. Basically it is shopping bazaar for those who LOVE all things handmade. We were on a mission to get a start on our Christmas shopping.

There were some amazing and talented crafters (is that even a word?) exhibiting. We both found sweet success. And we may or may not have purchased gifts for ourselves too. (wink wink!)

Are you getting a move on your holiday shopping? You can do some shopping of your own right at home because here are some of my favorite vendors from the Queen Bee Market 

Allorah Handmade
the beautifully crafted fabric rosette necklaces were my favorite

loved the vintage flower earrings & necklaces

The Pleated Poppy
darling shabby hair clips (for lil'miss), and fun check book covers

Emily Sparks handmade
I'm a sucker for cute knitted goods - had to get this one...

Tiny Pumpkin
affordable (and seriously cute) custom painted piggy banks - need I say more?

Cut Sew Repeat
Crayon Roll! A must for all mothers

Glam Baby
well made messenger bags - great styles & fabrics

Did you see anything you like?


{april kennedy} said...

Oh how fun to find my earrings and link here! Thank you!! So glad you loved Queen Bee Market. It was my first time there and words can't explain how amazing it was. I'm working frantically to get my shop up and loaded again!

♥ april

lyndsey | paper girl said...

so fun! way to be spontaneous :) i think allorah handmade is going to be at bijou market, a big craft fair here in provo this weekend, and i am SO excited. maybe you should bring your spontaneous self up to utah and join me :)

heather said...

lyndsey, I'd love to be so spontaneous as to join you in Utah. I have heard raving reviews on the Bijou Market. One of these day I'll have to go.