Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2011 {Lovely} Desk Calendars

I have just added 2011 Desk Calendars to the Swanky Shop and these are definitely going to dress up your desk! A pretty new design for each month.

All designs featured on the 2011 calendar were taken from the best sellers and adapted to create something even better.

Even better news is that they are free. I said FREE!

Yes, I am giving these away because let's face it - everyone likes free goodies. Especially when it's pretty!

The 2011 desk calendars come in a CD case and the case also serves as the stand to sit on your desk or counter. You can even keep it by your home phone for a quick reference.

These lovely little things make great gifts!

{and p.s. I only ordered a limited supply of these ~ get yours before they are gone!}

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Oh... Oh... how do I get mine???

I'd love to showcase this on my desk.

Please let me know and hey you know where to find me.