Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Vacation: The Fruits

To say my oldest son (he's 5), loves berries is an understatement! He could eat berries all day.
Really, I'm not exaggerating either.

While we were in northern California we played at a park. This particular park had a little trail which led down to a creek. Along the trail were wild blackberries. My son ate, and ate, and ate.

He, so sweetly, picked a few to bring back to me - I was at the playground with my other two kids, playing with my sisters & cousins. My sweet little son, handed me a napkin with a bunch of delicious berries. I only had two, maybe three, because as I was Ooo-ing and Ahh-ing over the fact that there were wild blackberry plants, (we don't have this is southern California) my son had proceeded to eat the berries he had picked for me. 

I love him!! 

Two days later we went on a hike to a swimming hole. We found more blackberries!! Naturally, my sweet little boy ate all that he could here too. 

Note to self: Get a blackberry bush. 

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I too love berries, but take caution in any wild ones I'm unfamiliar with... wary of poisonous berries.