Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Butterfly Room

I am finally getting to posting about one of the room makeovers that I mentioned a while back.

To decorate our daughter's room we went with a butterfly theme. I found some darling butterflies for super cheap at a local design warehouse.... and I thought it would be cute!

I wanted to accent the already creamy apricot/orange room with a blue that matches this wipe container.  (Yes, I matched the paint to the container that holds wipes!!)

We painted the top of the room with the light blue, turquoise color and added a chair rail (just a basic simple one) around it to separate the two colors.
Painted the most of the picture frames this same blue color, and voila!

I need to go back to that design warehouse to get a another large butterfly or two, in white.

The pink/purple corner is simply because I can't be too matchy-matchy right?
The alphabet poster was made by me however, inspired from Jen Ramos of Made By Girl

I LOVE how bright and cheerful her room has become. The orange and blue color combo is one of my favorites - I hope baby girl enjoys it too!


Nicki said...

Heather, it's adorable! Love the colors, would have never thought of that combination aqua and apricot. Very pretty, seems very appropriate for little Blake! Butterflys, too! Way cute! Love the picture rail, very classy! Good work!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I love the colors...but I'm laughing how the blue matches the wipes container.


That is super cool. Love the colour combo.