Saturday, July 31, 2010

Designer Series with Pingg

As if playing this summer with the kiddos wasn't fun enough, I have been designing like crazy!!

Admittedly, most of these new invitations and announcements are brought to you by diet Dr. Pepper. I could not have done it without my beverage of choice.

I intend on sharing many of these new designs on upcoming blog posts, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek:

These, as well as a few others, have already been added to my profile on pingg The ones on pingg are tailored to be more generic - there is only so much customization you can do with an instant e-invitation & e-card. The custom ones you'll see soon are a bit more snazzy!

So, please use them! Send an e-card or use my designs for your next e-invitation. If you do use one, let me know which one!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Robot Party

The Robot Party was such a great idea, and one that the kids loved! I have seen and continue to see a lot of creative children's parties around the web and blogs, but as we were planning the Robot party one of the things I wanted was to do was to allow the children to be the creative ones, and creative they were!!

A little over 2 weeks before the party we sent out the invitations.

As soon as the boys decided on a Robot Party theme, we began to save containers to use as the "body" of the Robots. We collected everything from plastic Peanut Butter jars to empty soup cans and even old electronic boxes. This took several weeks to get enough for all the kids so beginning right away was a smart move.

What's a Robot without parts? We got our hands on some old computer parts, stripped them, and kept some of the components. We made a few purchases at the local Michael's; buttons, jewels, feathers, pom poms, googly eyes, and even silk flowers. We had quite a spread for these little creative minds.

After employing a few parents to "man" the glue guns, we were ready for building robots!

The table spread halfway through the robot making process

After Robots, we had cupcakes and sang to the boys.

I used a punch to make the cupcake toppers. A quick and easy idea for someone (i.e. me!) whose creativity falls short when it comes to cake decorating.

Homemade frosting . . . Yum!

My little 3 year old is still not sure about that "Happy Birthday" song! While my BIG 5 year old is ALL smiles & giggles!

This was a super fun & relatively inexpensive birthday party. All the kids were happy with their Robots and were visibly excited while making them!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had the pleasure of making a few invitations for a friend of mine. She recently had a baby and is going to have him baptized. She called me and asked if there was any way that I could turn my Honees design into a Baptism invitation ...

Simply perfect!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swanky Paper Sale

It's supposed to be a Twitter-Only sale, but I simply must include you on the deal too!

From now until Sunday save 30% on EVERYTHING in the shop -


use coupon code: Tweet30

If you tweet, spread the word through Twitter.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Owl theme Baby Shower

I love it when clients contact me with an idea for an invitation and allow me to design around that idea.

Erin sent me an email with a link the Brooke bedding collection at Pottery Barn Kids. She said that she wanted to use an Owl theme for an upcoming baby shower and really liked the colors used in the PBK bedding.

After coming up with a few design options for her to pick from, she selected this:

So cute & so fun!

I am definitely adding this one to the shop.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Plans

We have BIG plans this weekend.

I have two boys.

One had a birthday yesterday and the other has a birthday next week.

July is a busy month for us

This year hubby and I decided to have a combined birthday party for them.
(They are still young and I figured we should do it while they don't have an opinion on the matter yet.)

They each got to invite a few friends.

I asked the boys what kind of party they wanted to have ...


So, what are your weekend plans?

p.s. yes, this invitation will be available in the shop soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Butterfly Room

I am finally getting to posting about one of the room makeovers that I mentioned a while back.

To decorate our daughter's room we went with a butterfly theme. I found some darling butterflies for super cheap at a local design warehouse.... and I thought it would be cute!

I wanted to accent the already creamy apricot/orange room with a blue that matches this wipe container.  (Yes, I matched the paint to the container that holds wipes!!)

We painted the top of the room with the light blue, turquoise color and added a chair rail (just a basic simple one) around it to separate the two colors.
Painted the most of the picture frames this same blue color, and voila!

I need to go back to that design warehouse to get a another large butterfly or two, in white.

The pink/purple corner is simply because I can't be too matchy-matchy right?
The alphabet poster was made by me however, inspired from Jen Ramos of Made By Girl

I LOVE how bright and cheerful her room has become. The orange and blue color combo is one of my favorites - I hope baby girl enjoys it too!