Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swanky Paper :: 40th Birthday

I designed some classy invitations for a 40th Birthday dinner party.

I think this design in my new favorite. It is Simple & Classy! Too much busy-ness can be distracting. The only embellishment is up top in hot pink and the rest of the font is charcoal grey. Of course, I had to pair these invitations with hot pink #10 envelopes!!

I think I want to use this same design for my birthday ...

Happy Birthday Belinda! I hope it's FABULOUS!


shari @ little blue deer said...

Hi Heather! Classy! Love the pink! I have to design invitations for, get this, a luncheon for a 75 year-old woman who is marrying an Episcopalian priest (yes, they're allowed to marry). Ha! I will totally share whatever I come up with with you!

Kelly said...

I love your designs! They are so elegant and classic. Thanks for stopping by Color Sizzle. I'll be checking back soon to see your newest invitations.