Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Logo Design

Okay so I am going to brag for a minute- I LOVE how this logo design turned out. It is so simple, but completely perfect. Don't you think?

Here is Randi's Blog header - I love what she did with it!

Randi is an amazing photographer.

She captures the moment. you know, the one that you want to capture but can't because the camera didn't focus right, your kid ran away, or that great smile just didn't last ...

moments like this where my son is telling me to look up and see the stars (while the sun is still up)

and this when my little sweet Prince is kissing his new baby sister

To see more of M Photo and Randi's work, check her out here....

M Photo

M Photo Blog

{family photos courtesy of M Photo & Randi Brunt}

Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Go Bananas!

Monkey baby shower themes must be popular ... this was the 3rd request in 4 months.

A "Let's go Bananas" theme was essential to the mama-to-be ... after all, baby's room is all about the monkey!

Congratulations Christina! Best wishes to you and your new baby boy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crafting: Dressing up the Plain

I lined up a few crafts not too long ago ... but they sat in my closet a little longer than I had hoped...

Recently while spending a few days at my parents I was able to squeeze in some sewing and finally get to a few projects. Making a dress (or two) out of a onesie was at the top of that list.

I bought this fabric from jcaroline a few months back with intentions for something entirely different. Instead of it's original purpose they have become darling little baby dresses.

baby girl looks soo cute in this grey & blue one!

{that yellow dress will be gifted to a friend}

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year ... New Project

Happy New Year my friends!

Twenty-Ten sounded so futuristic years ago, didn't it?

Another year also means another project here at our little cottage. Instead of multiple gifts this year for Christmas, the husband and I opted for one large gift. One in which mean't another little project for our outdoor spaces.

I photo documented the progress as my handy husband made it happen, (although don't let him catch you calling him "handy" he hates it!)

He had to cut into the Terra cotta tile in order for it to fit where we wanted it.
Then dig down about 10 inches in order to make the ground level.

He made a border out of railroad ties, lined it with plastic and filled it with gravel.
Ready for the fountain.


Finally complete! We now have a fountain in our backyard and on most days here in California, we can open the back door and enjoy the tranquil sounds of trickling water.