Saturday, August 29, 2009

Super Party

I love that I get to design fun and pretty things for people. This particular one was possibly more fun than some of the others. Maybe it was because I personally got excited about it.

My kids absolutely LOVE the darling show Super Why! on PBS. (If you have little ones and have not seen it, I highly recommend it. I even enjoy sitting with the kids to watch it).

So when Carrie asked me about ideas in creating an invitation for a Super Why! party I couldn't stop thinking about it and wanted to create something right away - such a cute idea and I wish I had though of it! I may just have to copy her next year :)

We kept it simple with just an invitation and stickers. I can't wait to see all the creative things she has planned for this little party.

If you are not familiar with Super Why!, this invitation was inspired by Wyatt's (aka Super Why!) phone-computer-PDA unit.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maternity Leave

As much as I wanted to remain open up until the 11th hour of this pregnancy I have to close down for a few weeks. I have much to do to prepare for this little wee one. will take it's last orders on September 4th and will return sometime in October.

You'll still find me blogging here, in fact I may just have more time to blog!

Thank you for your patience and please feel free to peruse the shop in the meantime.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I finally made a decision about the bedding for our baby girl!

I am going with the orange palette!

I am so EXCITED and I can't wait to get it.
As soon as I do I'll post pictures of the room.

4 more weeks

These are rare! Seriously!! I don't do pregnancy pictures. While at the park, the hubby took pictures as I was not paying attention ....

Hey look - I still have my ankles!!

To be honest, I have been a little nervous about having a girl. Raising my little boys has been relatively easy - naturally we have our moments - All mothers do.
So, I hear from people (strangers) who volunteer (unsolicited) comments upon hearing that I am having a girl. They tell me how much harder it is to raise girls and that my whole world is about to change with a girl.
I have decided to raise her like the boys, but with a bit of pink and maybe a few bows.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

From the Swanky Studio

I have been keeping super busy with custom orders, my church responsibilities, the kiddos, and research for my other little project - I forget to post my custom work to show off!!

How fun is this birthday party invitation? Brooke's mom is an old friend of mine and asked me to make something suitable for her teenager. With the party events being Guitar Hero and Karaoke - could I possibly do anything other than this little creation?

Hooray for babies!!
I get requests for baby shower invitations a lot - and I love making them. This one was a treat for me to make. I love creamsicle orange paired with chocolate brown.
I heard Lauren is due a week before me - Congratulations Lauren!!

I never really thought of pairing yellow & charcoal for a baby shower invitation, and I have to admit that I love it! The mama-to-be has been decorating the room in yellow & greys - very modern!
What can I create for you?

Friday, August 14, 2009


I first saw these shoes over here and I was quite smitten with them - OK, to be more blunt I am now coveting them! I even have the perfect outfit to wear with them. The best part is that for only $49.95, they are affordable.

But I am refraining for two reasons:
1) Pregnancy and heels don't mix; and
2) I still need to make a decision on crib bedding and buy something asap.

With any luck, in a few months (post baby) they'll be on sale for a steal of a deal.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Perfect Princess Party

Remember this little post about the lovely Princess Amerah?

She posted a darling video on both her website & on YouTube on "How to throw the Perfect Princess Party"

Do you have a Prince? Princess Amerah has a little message for all those Princes out there too!

Please Excuse Me

for my lack of posting lately. I honestly don't remember growing a human life being this exhausting. I am now a little less than 6 weeks from my due date - mine don't seem to ever come on their exact date, does any ones?

I was attempting to be the ambitious mom and make all the bedding for crib, a matching quilt and valance. My intentions were there - really! I even had picked out the fabric, or almost picked out - thanks to JCaroline Creative this was no small challenge, I mean, have you seen all the fabric she has?? I had it narrowed down to Joel Dewberry & Heather Baily.

After this past weekend, my highly ambitious plan to sew crib bedding was lost! I am not up for the challenge anymore.

Thanks you Etsy I don't have to be. I can seriously get lost in all the fun shops and all the creative people out there. And GUESS WHAT?! I found two sellers who make crib bedding using the exact fabric swatches that I planned on using. This has made my day. Now I just need to make a decision?

Here are my options:

from OwlyBaby

from Customhouse Baby

I love the bright colors from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line, but I am also loving the idea of an Orange palette for the babe's room. Any Suggestions?

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Little Bit Country

You can take the Girl out of the Country,
But you can't take the Country out of the Girl!


The hubs and I went to see Alan Jackson last night in concert. It was my first time seeing this iconic country star and it was everything I hoped for. We had great seats, and a fantastic view!

After the concert (which was held at the Orange County Fair), we headed out into the fair. Hubs wanted to try one of those totally fried snickers bars. On out way to find the vendor who made them we saw the totally fried Twinkies. I got the Twinkie (thinking it would taste like a donut), and hubs got the snickers. I'll save you the trouble of tasting the Twinkies - DON'T! I couldn't even finish it. The fried snickers on the other had was better than I expected.

{Alan Jackson image via here}

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

King of the Jungle ~ Baby Shower

I recently finished another custom invitation for a baby shower. My client was a dream to work with. She provided me with the cute quote and gave me the color scheme. She is using the King of the Jungle paper goods and wanted something to coordinate with it.