Sunday, October 11, 2009

Partying with Vince, Dean & Dr. Titzer!

I am no stranger to the night life.

The night life at home that is.

I am a night owl. Once the kiddos are in bed, I have time for myself, I can get some work done, and of course spend time with the Hubs!

So, if you didn't already guess having a newborn allows me more of an opportunity to be up at night. Little Princess and I party at night - several times a night in fact! I know - you're jealous!

As I was saying ... being up several times a night has given me some sweet opportunities to learn all about new products (new to me anyway) and business opportunities just waiting for me. With all this awesomenss that I've learned I must share it ...

I have learned from Vince that I can easily "slap my troubles away." And although that infomercial is convincing, THIS is what really sold me!

(not sure what is more hysterical, the video itself or the fact the over 6 million people have viewed it!)

I have learned from Dean that I can be a Real Estate Millionaire without cash, credit or experience! Who knew being a millionaire was so easy!!

And the best one ... my baby can read! Now in all seriousness, I am kind of tempted to give this one a try. Who knows maybe my baby really can learn to read. If I do breakdown and order it I will give a full report once my baby is reading!!

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