Monday, October 19, 2009


Ever hear of momnesia? If you are a mom, not only have you probably heard of it - you've experienced it as well!

I distinctly remember prior to the birth of my first child, one of the senior principles in the company I worked for would often comment on the fact that I needed to enjoy my memory now and that once the baby comes I'd "lose all my smarts."

I honestly didn't think he was serious - I mean is that really possible to become forgetful just because you have a baby?

It most certainly is!

So let's see ... most recently I put the cereal box away in the fridge, and the milk in the cupboard. I forgot to take my child preschool, AND forgot to pay the tuition. I left the house without diapers & wipes on more than one occasion (what mother of babies does this?). AND I forgot my baby's 1st pediatrician appointment. Believe me when I say there is more, but at the risk of embarrassing myself with "TMI" I am leaving a few off this blog!

{cartoon via Off The Mark}


Shannon Seip said...

I can totally relate!

I am the co-author of the new book, Momnesia. The day I was supposed to turn in the manuscript to my editor, I forgot to wear shoes to work!

Chelsea said...

I'm right there with you!!! it's hubby prayed over dinner the other night and not five minutes after digging in, I said "Did we pray?" He looked at me like I was NUTS!!!! :) LOL!!