Friday, August 7, 2009

A Little Bit Country

You can take the Girl out of the Country,
But you can't take the Country out of the Girl!


The hubs and I went to see Alan Jackson last night in concert. It was my first time seeing this iconic country star and it was everything I hoped for. We had great seats, and a fantastic view!

After the concert (which was held at the Orange County Fair), we headed out into the fair. Hubs wanted to try one of those totally fried snickers bars. On out way to find the vendor who made them we saw the totally fried Twinkies. I got the Twinkie (thinking it would taste like a donut), and hubs got the snickers. I'll save you the trouble of tasting the Twinkies - DON'T! I couldn't even finish it. The fried snickers on the other had was better than I expected.

{Alan Jackson image via here}


Carol VR said...

I haven't had a twinkie in years and now I'm soooo craving one.

April said...

I've been terrible at keeping up with blogs! I like you're new look. Is it still new? :)

The Lil Bee said... now I'm thinking about Fried Snickers at 9am...probably not a good sign! Thanks for your floor suggestion. We haven't decided yet. I have until 8/22. I'm leaning toward dark, just nervous cause of our dogs & the baby. The nay-sayers are warning me that dark shows EVERYTHING. It is my first choice though!