Friday, July 31, 2009

Keeping fit

I have a confession ...

I have not been as diligent with working out during this pregnancy as I have been with the others (or when I am not preggers for that matter!) I don't sleep well at night. I wake up terribly exhausted. It's been way too hot to take the double jogger out for a light jog or speed walk. I get too busy during the day with the kiddos or work that I don't make it to the gym. All excuses!

Yesterday as I was dressing to run a few morning errands, I put on my favorite pair of jeans. No, they are not maternity jeans. I have been able to continue wearing them because they are low rise in the front (and higher in the back so as to not show off any unsightly flesh). I wore them throughout my second pregnancy until the last few weeks. I love these jeans! So my point is this ... I put them on yesterday and they were so stink'in tight! I don't remember them ever being this tight. But I am pregnant - so it's OK they don't have to fit, right? Yeah - not exactly my thought process at the time. I found myself laying down on my bed sucking in trying to zip up just a little bit ... blah - blah - blah! I took those jeans off. Yes, I am ridiculous.

Where am I going with all this .... I NEED to get in a workout several times a week - not so that I can fit into those jeans, but because I know that continual exercise will make labor easier and the recovery of having a baby quicker. I only have 8 weeks to go, so I better get started. I found my solution.


I am swimming almost daily with the boys so I might as well get in a good workout while in the pool. I started my laps on Wednesday and continued with it yesterday. My husband is thrilled about this. He was/is a swimmer. He swam competitively throughout high school and routinely continues swimming for fun. He has been telling me all along that it is the best entire body workout and easy on the joints too.

I'm off to grab my swim suit & goggles and get the kiddos ready for another fun day at the pool.


The Lil Bee said...

I wish my gym had a pool. I just recently froze my membership because I can't really work out with a broken foot! I do have some yoga sessions left though, thankfully:)

Oh, and ps, pretty impressive you're still in non-maternity jeans at ANY point in your third trimester! I'm sure you look adorable:)

Chelsea said...

This sounds like me! I haven't exercised really at all (yikes!) with this pregnancy and I'm certainly feeling it! And it's too stinkin' hot outside to go for a walk! Good idea to's cool and good for you...I'm going to have to do this too! :)

Jess said...

Oh I did this for a time too-- LOVE swimming as a work out. It just seems easier than running for some reason, yet I'm always exhausted after a good swim!