Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding the Balance

I have often struggled with trying to balance working at home and putting my family first. Being able to set up my studio at home has always seemed perfect. But when the kids come in while I am designing for a client or processing orders, this will often put me in a stressful frame of mind. Typically I end up stopping what I am doing in order to make sure they don't make a mess of things. This usually adds more stress because there is always a deadline to meet. BUT - I love what I do - so how do I balance it all? Sometimes I think I have it down and everything is harmonious. Other days - not so much.

Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur blogged last week about how she has found the balance (after many years!) She pointed out several tips on how to put family first while maintaining a successful business.

Regardless of whether you are a mom with a business, or not - because let's face the truth - ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS! It is an insightful post and worth reading.

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greenbeanbaby said...

thanks so much for posting this, with the link! i very much needed this... i have been working on setting up a plan for more freelance while dealing with kids with swine flu, colds, plus getting sick myself, fatigue, etc. its been trying to find a balance but no doubt, it isn't impossible!! thank you and happy belated birthdays to your two kids! my son turns 5 next week :D