Tuesday, July 21, 2009

construction theme party

Clockwise from top left corner:
1. Dump Truck pinata
2. Chocolate rocks
3. Keeping cool with a water slide
4. Goody-Bags
5. Dirt Cups
6. Birthday boy taking a swing at the pinata

The Birthday boy had so much fun! We were all wiped out after the party. It may have been a lot of work to plan and organize, it was certainly worth it. Parties make for great memories!

Whew! All the birthdays are done for the year ... well almost, we will have one more soon.


Carol VR said...

I thought the pinata was a cake at first glance, and was going to commend you on your decorating skills.

Glad to hear it went over well.

Happy belated BD!!!!

Vanessa "Paper Chick" said...

Oh that looks like it was so much fun!!! And I'm loving your new blog look!

Kimberly said...

Hi, I just came across your blog, looking for ideas for my little boys dump truck/construction party and am trying to figure out what to do for goody bags. Can I ask you what you all did? Your party looks amazing!

heather said...

Kimberly, I kept the goody bags somewhat simple. I used a white paper bag and labeled each one with the kid's names using the caution stripes label. I included a matchbox dump truck (or other construction vehicle), I ordered chocolate rocks from an online candy store, and we had a pinata so the kids used the bags to collect their loot.
We all had a great time! Good Luck with your party planning!