Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two weeks ago I wrote about my excitement in attending the Startup Princess Academy at the Disneyland Hotel. I am finally getting around to writing about it because I walked away with so much information and ideas to improve Swanky Paper and to get a jump start on my new project. It has been just over a week and I have barely tackled my list....yet it is all I have been doing. Yes - my list is that long!

The Startup Princess Academy helped me gain focus on what I should be doing rather than what I have been doing. I learned the benefits of choosing the right name for a business, about marketing to the "digital woman," ways to maximize press, the benefits of video marketing, and that was just the first hour! The underlying theme throughout the event was "Make a Wish, Make it Happen" It is not enough to want something, you have to work at it...so make it happen!

I met some phenomenal women with amazing talents. What a delight it was for me to meet them, learn from them, and bounce ideas off of them. That's what it was all about.

My thanks goes to Kelly Anderson for founding Startup Princess, and giving women entrepreneurs a resource with other like-minded women.

{check out some photos from the event on flickr}


Kendall said...

This sounds so cool! I looked on the site and didn't see any Texas chapters unfortunately :(

I just finished reading a great book called "The Four Hour Work Week"! You should check it out!

Julie said...

sounds like a interesting event.

Vanessa "Paper Chick" said...

Sounds like it was a great experience! Good luck with everything!