Thursday, April 9, 2009

Start-Up Princess

Have you been over to the Startup Princess site yet? I started reading the blog a few months ago and was hooked. As a woman entrepreneur this site is specifically for me.

Recently they launched an Orange County chapter. Unfortunately I missed the first few meetings, however Tuesday night I was able to attend their most recent event. It was such a valuable evening and I had such a great time learning from all the other women that I think we all lost track of time. Two hours had passed before I knew it!

I met some phenomenal women who inspired me. Simply by attending this event sold me on attending the Startup Princess Academy in a few weeks. It was not exactly in the budget to attend, however after walking away from Tuesday's event with so much information, I was inspired to move forward with my business. I figured that if this little event not only inspired me, but armed me with new information just imagine what I can learn from the Startup Princess Academy.

If you are marketing to women online or even offline you may want to check it out. The line up of speakers, otherwise known as Fairy Godmothers, is incredible and I can't wait to meet them.

So while this may not have been in the budget, I simply could not afford to miss it!


Kendall said...

What a great resource! I've been browsing their site!

Kelly King Anderson-Startup Princess said...

I am so happy you're attending the event! See you soon!