Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Rug

I spent quite a bit of time online & in and out of several stores in hopes of finding the right rug for our living room. This room used to have carpet. Since we decided to re-do the wood floors we thought that we might as well rip up the carpet and re-finish the floors in there too.

I was more than impressed when I saw how amazing my husband had stained the floors. He used a walnut stain and added some black stain to it in order to get the right look. Remember that little trip I took the boys on? My husband could have never done the floors unless we were out of the house.

The new rug had to have certain & specific criteria:

1. It had to be light in color. With new dark floors and a black leather couch, a dark rug would make the room gloomy.

2. It could not be white/off white/cream. I have two little boys, remember?

3. It had to go with my one red wall and a red ottoman.

4. And of course I had to like it. I wasn't about to spend money on something that I'd get sick of.

Of all places, IKEA had the perfect rug for our living room.

I love the mix of colors

Here is a view taken from the red wall ... sorry about aiming the camera directly in the light.


Kami said...

It looks great! I love the red ottoman!

HeAtHeR* said...

This LOOKS amazing! I love the pictures! thanks for posting! We need to talk...maybe I will try you tomorrow...miss you!

Emily said...

Love it!! That is so exciting!