Monday, March 2, 2009

Thinking about starting a business?

This article was spotted in the WSJ today. With the slow down of this horrible economy we are facing I hear more and more people are wanting to live their dreams and do their own thing.

If you want to live your dreams and be your own boss, you may want to read this.


robyn@marryme! said...

welcome back. i shall read this. and get back to you:) love.

Regan Marye said...

That's a neat article! I've been looking for some guidelines on how to start a business. Actually, it's not me who's starting a business. It's my friends. They said they were going to make a website and use some search engine optimization techniques on it. I guess that's one way to market their business. Anyway, thanks for sharing this article with us, Heather! I'm pretty sure that it will help my friends in their business venture here in Jacksonville.

heather said...

Thanks for visiting Regan! I have a few more resources that have helped me out quite a bit. Email me if you or your friend are interested and I can send you some links.