Monday, March 16, 2009

It's True

I am fabulous! It's true. Vanessa over at the fabulous blog Paper Chick told me so.

Thanks darling!! I am thrilled that you think my blog is fab.

So now I get to list 5 things I think are fab and 5 fab people to pass this onto...

1. Shoes - generally I am a flip flop wearing gal; but being a girl, I love to dress up in fabulous shoes.
2. Pretty Paper - ok, so there's a shocker!
3. my Family - they are all fab. my kids. my hubby. my sisters. the folks. all the in laws.
4. So Cal weather - so what if we don't have seasons - where else can you go to the beach year round?!
5. Cupcakes ... creamy frosting with a little moist cake nuff. said.

1. Vicki from three wheels turning ... for starters she makes fabulous paper goods AND she is a darling mama.

2. Robyn over at Marry Me ... because not only does she have a fabulous blog, but SHE is fabulous!

3. Kelly the crafty mama from According to Kelly ... really! do I need to say more?

4. Jenny- not from the block, but on the spot ... she is silly, hilarious, and has mad photo shop skillz. love her!

5. Kendall from Design by Kendall ... I recently started reading her fabulous blog and I can't get enough of her design inspiration.


Kendall @ designbykendall said...

Thank you so much! I love your blog too :)

It is true, You're fabulous :)

Happy St. Pattys day!

vicki said...

you are TOO sweet!! and so fab too!

marry me! said...

thanks for the love! you are fabulous. can't wait to play & post:)