Thursday, March 12, 2009

cruisin into trouble

The hubby and I have been talking vacations lately ... where to go & what to do. Our last vacation was over three years ago and we took our 10 month old (at the time) son with us. Two years before that, we planned a romantic getaway to the Cayman Islands ... only to have it cancel because of Hurricane Ivan made landfall the week before we were to be there.

This time around I thought taking a cruise would be fun for the two of us. My sister, who has been on several cruises, loves them! So I started searching through the travel sites for cruises. I narrowed it down to a few dates cruising through the Mexican Riviera. Amazing deals right now too! Sounds perfect right??

That is until I told my sister about our cruise plans. I told her all about the amazing deals that were going on for the 7 day cruises.... she enlightened me on the world news that I had been missing. 6290 drug related killings last year ... and 1000 in the past two months!

I think we'll stay out of Mexico.

drat!!! my Mexican Riviera plans are foiled. Any suggestions?


the van den Eikhof family said...

So I guess you got my message. We can always go to Alaska on a cruise. Instead of packing our sunscreen and bathing suits it would be our winter jackets...what do you think?

heather said...

i have heard the alaskan cruises are breathtaking... let's check them out!