Friday, February 27, 2009

Blog? what blog??

You could say that I needed a little bit of a break. After the holidays and the start of the new year I knew I needed to simplify. Then towards the end of January, Swanky Paper got slammed with business, for which I am truly grateful. At that point, something had to give, and it ended up being this ol' blog here. Once things slowed down, I kind of enjoyed some peace and quiet, spending time with my family and playing with our boys.

I did enjoy a few creative moments while on my blogger break. I'll have to share those soon... I can't find my USB cable to connect the camera. And I even have a few more designs to add to the Swanky shop!

Now I am off to read through about a 1000 or so blog posts that I missed over the past month. See ya'll soon!

1 comment:

Carol VR said...

Yay.... your back!!!