Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life's Little Lessons

I don't write new years resolutions anymore (I'll explain in another post), instead I reflect back on the year and think of all the lessons I've learned, write them down, and to be better next year.

These may not necessarily be listed in the album of life's great lessons but they are going into my personal album of life's little lessons...

Here are my lessons learned in 2008:

::little boys are the BEST to have around::

::it is impossible to have a clean house EVERYDAY::

::to KNIT ... not very good, but I still knit::

::diet Dr.Pepper is my FRIEND::

::Time Management::

::it's never too late, and you're never too old::

::i am BLESSED::

::32 is too young for wrinkles::

::there are not nearly enough hours in the DAY::

::SLEEP is over-rated::

::to keep VERY good records::

::Family & Good Friends are more precious than GOLD::

::i am lucky/blessed to be a MOM::

::to read the FINE print::

::to have FAITH::

::rob is the best DAD to our boys::

::i AM talented::

::GIRLFRIENDS are priceless::

::to RIDE a skateboard::

::to shoot a gun::

::to watch what i SAY {little ears are always listening}::

::write EVERYTHING down::

::my red hair still hides those few GREY ones::

::to believe::

Here is to another year of learning life's little lessons that make it all worthwhile!

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Julie said...

so true on many of those