Tuesday, December 16, 2008

sweet & simple

... and affordable too.
I am generally one of those people who see something is a store and says to myself, "I'll just make it rather than buy it." I said that about a gorgeous cobalt blue blouse from Anthro... I even took a picture of it (tsk..tsk) think that I'd actually make it.... it is still just an idea. Yes. I know I should have purchased it. So what's my point....
I have been seeing those darling scrabble tile necklaces around, I say to myself, "I'll just make one myself." Then I started looking for the materials ... check out Etsy! Someone HAS to be selling supplies for these...

Then I found Home Studio on Etsy.
Why make it when I can buy it?!

I bought this.

and I am currently eyeing this one

{all images via HomeStudio}

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Vanessa Cavaco said...

I love those...have bought 2 on etsy...love the way they look!