Monday, October 13, 2008

i love the central coast

We took a lovely little vacay to the central coast. I love this place for many reasons. In particular, the weather. It is usually in the 70's year round and the nice coastal breeze is great. We go a few times a year ... I can't get enough of it!

This trip we went to a charming little place called Avila Valley Barn. A perfect for kids. They had a petting zoo where my boys fed the goats, pigs, cows, and miniature horses (not sure if they were Shetland ponies).

There was a funny looking cow ... with huge eyes that were reminiscent of what you'd find in Disney movie.

We hoped on a tractor and drove out to the fields where we picked our own apples. They were SO yummy.

It was nice to be away from home (and the responsibilities of my everyday routine) for a few days.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love this oxford heel.

The Swanky Newsletter

I started a Newsletter for all my Swanky customers. Just a little fun, monthly publication that will touch on all things ... not just stationery (after all, there is only so much talk of paper a girl can do!)

If you want to sign up for the newsletter either leave a comment with your email or send an email to me heather (at) swankypaper (dot) com

This month was all about Gifts. Giving & Receiving. Here is a little teaser:

How to Receive a Bad Gift Graciously

It's the worst gift in the world, but you have to be polite. It would be rude to tell the giver what you really think of the gift, even if the giver has really bad taste. It's time to beef up your acting skills and show your appreciation for every gift you get and make it look real.

1. Pretend that the gift is the best you've ever been given. Be enthusiastic about the gift, not just polite. The giver must never suspect that you really hate it. (WARNING: Don't praise the gift too effusively or the giver might get you something similar for your next birthday.)

2. Think of an adjective to describe the gift without offending the giver. Words like "unique" or "unusual" are good choices. No one will know that you plan to hide the gift in a dark corner when you get home. (WARNING: If the gift is not unusual, substitute an appropriate adjective, such as colorful or stunning.)

3. Ask the giver where they got the gift. This is a good way to slyly discover where to return it, if the receipt is not included.

4. Smile as you think of an equally bad gift to give to them. Planning your revenge is the best way to receive a bad gift while maintaining a polite and gracious smile.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In the Press

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed over at Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog. You can read the full interview HERE.

Here is an excerpt:

What was the most rewarding part of starting Swanky Paper?
The most rewarding aspect about starting Swanky Paper is the feeling of success. You never know what will become of an idea, even when that idea is researched and developed into a business. The fear of failure is strong. For me, the fact that only a year ago I was finalizing what paper products to use and getting ready to reveal my designs to others. Having built my business this far gives me a great sense of achievement. You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I finally showed off my designs and complete strangers loved them! They were a hit! That alone gave me the confidence to continue and I am certainly glad I did.