Tuesday, August 12, 2008

garden shed ... home office

sometimes i feel like that scene in alice in wonderland when she is getting bigger while the room gets smaller. only i am not getting bigger, but my house is getting smaller. we try to be mimimalists here. i love furniture, but i don't need a lot of it. my boys love toys, and yes, we have too much of it.

i gave up my office and we turned it into a bedroom (sniff... sniff). then we recently bought a large armoire, moved all my swanky stuff into it, which has become my office ... but i saw this today over at Design Mom and i think i need to move my office once again. what do you think?

wouldn't this be lovely? i am already dreaming of an outdoor office.

My talented husband recently finished our garden shed ... i am thinking that we can field it for power and set up the Swanky Shop here!

all it needs is a little porch, some pretty flowers, maybe some river rocks Oh! and some power, and viola! i have my outdoor office.

i'll let you know if the hubs ok's my plan...

{image via Apartment Therapy}
{image via me}


Nicki said...


I'll sign your petition!

Carol VR said...

I'd never seen anything like it. It's defenitely doable.

Lylah said...

that would totally be sweet with some big red geraniums!