Monday, August 25, 2008

For the love of Nie

Tragedy recently struck the Nielson and Kinneard families. Stephanie and Christian along with Doug Kinneard were in a horrible plane crash. Please read about their accident and recovery here. I do not know them personally, but my heart aches for them and have not stopped thinking about them since I heard the news.

If I can help I will.

Design Mom came up with a brilliant idea. Join me on Nie Nie Day in helping to raise money for their hospital bills and recovery. It is forcasted to be in the millions!

This Thursday every purchase from any product made at Swanky Paper will be donated to the the Nie Fund. That is 100% of all sales!! Please SHOP SHOP SHOP to your hearts desire and know that your money is going to help the recovery efforts of a darling young family.

{image by lynsday}

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