Tuesday, May 6, 2008

starting off the week right...or not

so far this has been an exciting week. our little prince, who is 10 months old now, has finally decided to allow his teeth to come in ... TEETH ... not tooth! yesterday, we all dee-lightfully endured the rather painful process of 4 teeth as they made their debut. today is a little better for him, but we are not out of the woods just yet!

so. the boutiques i had last week and on the weekend were fun and i had a great time meeting so many lovely people (and taking their orders!!)

i made some mother's day cards specifically for these events and they sold rather well (whew!!). i have just a few of these left over...

looks like my friends are getting something for mother's day!


jennyonthespot said...

4 teeth at once!!! Mercy!

Also, I love your style - nice cards!

kribss said...

ouchy waa waa is what we say in our fam. {kinda from alvin + the chipmunks} loving the cards- they rock!

Honey said...

Poor little man!

Those cards are awesome!

Amy said...

I love the mom's rock card!