Thursday, May 29, 2008

an affair with my feet

We hopped in the car for a spur of the moment afternoon at the happiest place on earth! (aka Disneyland). It turned out to be a great afternoon. The lines were short and weather was perfect. We zig-zaged across the park ... and back again ... over here ... then over there.
And at the end of the day my feet were ready for more.

I love my Rainbows! And more importantly, my feet love them too!

I highly recommend getting a pair.

image via flickr


Vanessa Cavaco said...

that is so cool that you live so close to disney land...I would love that!!! For us it means packing up bags...trekking through the airport and hop on a 2 hour flight to the Walt Disney in Florida....those flip flops look tre comfy!

Kami said...

Rainbows are the best. We went to the outlet about 5 years ago and we need to go again!

Julie said...

those look comfy

The Warnick's said...

They are by far one of my most favorite pairs of sandals too!

jennyonthespot said...

Oooh - I feel the same way about my Chaco flip-flops!