Tuesday, April 8, 2008

shoes & shoes

This time it is not all about me.

I ordered some really cute shoes for out little Prince. He is 8 months old and yes, we call him a Prince, because that's what he is... unless he is boogery, then he is Mr. Boogers.

anyway, back to the shoes. With having two boys, I do my fair share of Internet shopping. And well, let's be honest, it is hard to find really great boy clothes and shoes at an affordable price. So when I found Puddle Jumpers I was thrilled.

I ordered these:

and these

they are cute & on sale
To all mothers of boys: Where do you shop for your little ones?


Nicki said...

Those are really cute!

Alycat said...

Those are so cute! The girl ones are cute as well, which is what I need now.