Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my addiction

I know I am digressing from all things paper lately. I am still a lover of fabulous paperie, but my latest addiction is HGTV, and I can not get enough.

I am simply gathering ideas (obsessing) on how to decorate our home. Our incredible shrinking house will one day (not soon enough) be the huge mansion (in my dreams) on the block and I want it perfectly lovely.

That is not to say that I want it perfect - anyone with kids knows that perfection is not easily obtained nor would I want that ... I want a home that looks lived in, while maintaining a loveliness about it.

isn't this lovely?

So this brings me to my new addiction. Color Splash. I love David Bromstad's designs and his use of color. He is seriously a color genius. Color can be really intimidating to use. I'm a fan of neutrals because you simply can't go wrong with it. But I want some color!

I've decided that watching HGTV is therapy. I will soon get over my fear of color and get some inspiration for my own house...or I can just beg David to come decorate for me.

So David, if you are reading this - splash some color in my house and I'll bake you the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had!

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jennyonthespot said...

Oh. My. Absolutely lovely - so creative. It's amazing!