Sunday, April 6, 2008

fantastic weekend

This was a weekend was packed with one project or activity after another.

Friday night I finally finished my paper coasters. Thanks to both Anthropologie for pricing them way too high and for Kelly for hosting Not Your Mama's Craft Night. I have my rainbow coasters ready to serve with your frothy cold beverage.

Saturday morning I volunteered to mow the lawn. I missed the gym and my morning power walks on both Thursday and Friday so I got my "workout" by mowing. And lookie here ... hubs even took a picture of me edging...

(Between you and me ~ If I had known the EZ-walk lever was broken I would have never volunteered)
In addition to lawn maintenance and folding magazine pages for my coasters had a weekend of crafts, baking and much needed spiritual upliftment. We spent both Saturday and Sunday watching General Conference. As we watched, I finished up some activity books for Thing 1 (aka 2.5 yr old son) so that he will be occupied during church. I realize that this is a losing battle. 2 year old and reverence don't always go hand in hand. But I made them anyway!!
Saturday afternoon I filled a few orders from the shop. And Saturday evening Hubs and I went on a date. Hooray for date night!! This is a rarity, so I relish these events.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend too.


We are THAT Family said...

Those coasters are VERY cool. And you mow? Wow. You make me look bad. Really bad.

Kami said...

Those coasters are cute! I am impressed that you mow too.

P.S. Love the action shot!

Julie said...

wow what a busy weekend

michelle taggart said...

heather, what don't you do well, and fantastic????? you even mow lawns now? gosh, i'll never catch up to you!!!