Monday, March 31, 2008

tweeze? wax? or threading?

Have you tried threading?

That was the highlight of my weekend. Yeah ... not much going on over here, can you tell? Although I did manage to finish up a few craft projects I had lingering around. (Pictures to come later)

I LOVE threading! A friend of mine converted me to this amazing technique and I have never looked back. It is quick, painless and they do a fantastic job.
Here is where you say: "Wait - did she just say painless?"
Now I am going to tell you: Really, it does not hurt one bit. I have a very low pain tolerance so take my word for it.

Look at how pretty the brows are! (I know - kinda scary!! It looks like I am staring you down.)

I would show you a before picture, but it had been like 3 months since my last threading and believe me - that is even more scary than the picture above!!

OK - I'll admit ... the first time I had it done, it was a little painful ... but after that first visit it didn't hurt at all.

If you've never been threaded, this explanation may help.


Kami said...

They look good! I need to try it! I want your long eyelashes! :)

We are THAT Family said...

I've NEVER heard of it. I'll have to look into it!

Vanessa Cavaco said...

I have wanted to try it for the longest unfortunately I'm walking around with caveman brows....

Bella Boutique Creations said...

OMG threading is the way to go! I learned from a dear friend how to do it, and it is super easy, The trick is 100% cotton thread. It cannot be polyester with cotton over it, it must be cotton. THis friend is from Isreal, and from what I understand, it is an artform that is part of everyday life. Men do it to themselves, never shaving. Can you imagine aman threading??? It leaves little irritation once the initial redness goes away, AND, for those of you that are 40somthings, if you remember that little gadget the EPILADY... Well the concept behind that little machine was threading. The creator of that product was I believe also an isreali inventor. Too bad I threw mine away, it kept the hair of my legs for weeks!

Oh well, I am going to get my brows and upper lip threaded this Friday ironically! GLad others out there have discovered the magic of threading!


Jenna said...

I've heard of threading, but never tried. I've become a wax-at-home kinda gal, but I'm not doing it as often as I thought I would.

Nicki said...

I knew you threaded and I've been meaning to ask you about it, so I'm glad you posted this. Can you recommend the place you go to and how much?

BeachMama said...

I love the brows. I have never tried threading (actually I have never tweezed either) but if I ever decide to shape them up a bit, threading would be the way to go.

Natalie* said...

i love threading. the girls in my dressing room do a shot before but i'm cool with nada ... or an advil. i feel bad for people who can't get threaded.

jennyonthespot said...

Threading? Wow! I am thinking I need to find that around here!

Anonymous said...

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