Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feeling Lucky?

So...I am feeling really generous this morning!! I think it is because I slept really well last night (none of my babes woke up in the middle of the night!!).
Because I am feeling generous all your chances of winning drastically got better!
we've got 4 winners - that's right FOUR!!
I randomly pulled names out of my Lucky hat (it's not really a lucky hat, just Lucky Brand!)
and our first winner is
You are getting a set of my large size note card pack
You can have one or two designs or the same design in two colors !
Then I pulled 3 more winners!
odessa mae
You three are getting one of my small note card packs
email me what design you like along with the colorway. I'll also need the name(s) you want on the cards. Don't forget your mailing address so I know where to send it.
Thanks to everyone who played along!!!
And if you did not win, but are still drooling over my cards and can't live without a set for yourself, all my new cards will up up on the website before the weekend is over...or there are a few over at my etsy shop right now!
Thanks again and congratulations to our winners!!!

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