Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bubble Art

Yesterday, and thanks to my lovely neighbor, we got tickets to Bubblefest XII. It is quite a spectacular event if you like bubbles ... and if you are 5. Really though, it was fun to take the kids and see what Fan Yang does with bubbles. Apparently he holds a bunch of world records with bubbles...who knew you could do so much with bubbles. If you have not heard of him or seen his show, here is a video of what he does. Anyway, watching the show was pretty amazing. He is truly talented, and can create really cool stuff with bubbles. We were more intrigued to go because of all the controversy surrounding Fan Yang's visit. You can read about it HERE. Basically, he was going to envelope an elephant in a bubble. Pretty amazing right? I'd like to see that!! Well, he cancelled the elephant because all the animal rights activists out there protested that it is inhumane and demeaning to do this.... but it is OK to envelope children in a huge bubble??? Come on...its a bubble! That is one of his trademarks, he take a child or two from the audience and puts a bubble around one or both. The kids love it and it is pretty cool to watch.

So... I tried to take a couple of pictures and was told to put my camera away (twice) ...I am just not sneaky enough. So I found these online.


Kristen said...

sounds like fun. my kids would have loved that!

Bree said...

this is so cool! i want to go!