Tuesday, March 4, 2008

7 deadly sins minus 1

Doesn't this make sin look good? I saw this image over at design*sponge the other day and I realized that my week has already been filled with sin.

1. Gluttony - Brownies and Cadbury's mini eggs (dark chocolate) for breakfast today...

2. Greed. I am in a funk where I just want to go shopping for me. Nothing for the boys - just me. I know... selfish, huh?

3. Sloth. My house has been a disaster! My floors need attention and surface areas need some organizing. I must admit that I am atoning for this sin today. I swept and vacuumed the floors. Surface areas still need some more work.

4. Pride. So at a baby shower I attened last night, I was chatting amongst the ladies and I caught myself blurting out that I don't like to be taught. (BTW - It was in complete context of the conversation) It is true. Depending on the circumstance to subject matter my pride will sometimes get in the way. I tend to want to figure things out on my own, or simply do it my way.

5. Lust. I saw these in the display case at Nordstrom and I am still coveting them. How cute are they?? I want them, but can't justify spending the money right now on shoes that I'd wear once in a blue moon. You can get them here.

6. Envy. Then I saw a sales gal upstairs in the intimates section wearing them in white! If a sales gal is wearing them, they must be comfortable right? All the more reason to get them!

7. Wrath. Like the title said. 7 sins minus 1. This is the one.

It is only Wednesday and I am well on my way to finishing off a sinful week. With those plates, sin never looked so good!

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Vanessa Cavaco said...

Heather---I suffer from the same sins...my house is a mess, I had my large cappucino and a doughnut for breakfast (no lunch, hardly any dinner) tons of caffeine throughout the day...I'm greedy too haven't been shopping for "me" in a while..and I think it's time!!!!