Friday, February 1, 2008

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

If there is one family tradition that I loved growing up, it was on Valentine's Day. I am not talking about the roses and chocolates, or the conversation hearts (although what's Valentine's Day without those). It was our special Valentine's dinner from around the world. This tradition started when I was young. My dad would cook a special dinner consisting of French cuisine. This went on for a few years and he often had a new food item that we had never had before. I'll never forget the Escargo! My first and only time eating snails. Later, my dad changed it up a bit to make meals from other places from around the world (or country). Another dinner was fresh lobster. When I say fresh, I really do mean fresh. He had the Lobster shipped to us from Maine and I have vivid memories of the little snappers inside our bath tub (although I don't think they were still alive). Another fun dinner was cajun cuisine. We dined on Alligator that year! Finding Alligator in our home town was hard to come by, so my dad had it shipped from where else?...Louisana. We also had the pleasure of dining on Mediterrean and Italian cuisine.

I love having my own family now. We get to start our own traditions in our own way. Hopefully our traditions will provide lasting and fond memories just as those Valentine's dinners provided me.

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Lydia said...

I love your blog. Thanks for sharing the memories of our Valentine Dinners. They brought back such fun memories. I love your Valentine cards. Very cute!

Love you,