Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me & this here Blog

I am a woman, a wife, a mom, and a lover of pretty things. Those pretty things includes paper! Oh! how I love stationery. So much so that I wanted to create my own line of paper.

Swanky Paper now has a blog. It is my media outlet for not only customers & potential customers, but also for people who want to know a little more about me and what I am all about.

You'll get to see the latest products that Swanky Paper is offering, news and events from the Swanky Studio, and even a little peek into my world. The things I do personally, my favorite things, or those things that I may be currently obsessing over ... you know, like that Handbag over at Anthropologie or the bracelet I saw while window shopping at Nordstroms! I'll probably also post on the things that inspire me, after all without inspiration where would we be?!

My husband (who happens to be really cute!) is the love of my life and has been super supportive as I worked to get Swanky Paper off the computer, onto the World Wide Web, and into your little hands! He continues to offer support and encouragement each day.

My two boys (Thing 1 & Thing 2) are quite possibly the cutest things to enter my world. No wonder, as I just mentioned, their daddy is cute! Thing 1 has quite the sense of humor, even at his little age. And then there is Thing 2, he is my little cuddle bug. I can't get enough of his daily loves.

So here we are, the Swanky Paper blog is now open to all sorts of possibilites.

So sit back. relax. and visit often.

Oh! and don't forget to ENJOY!

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