Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i heart swanky paper

I also love the cute boy I married along with our two silly and adorable boys. My Family. My Girls (You know who you are). So who do you heart? Your husband? boyfriend? significant other? son? daughter? grandma? aunt? Why not tell 'em! Send them a little note on Swanky Paper's original Valentine's cards.

Here it is... our first Swanky Paper Giveaway! A limited edition note pack filled with 12 Valentine themed folded note cards. (6 styles, 2 of each). These are perfect for sending to someone you love or someone you just plain adore on Valentine's Day.

It is simple to participate and everyone can join in the fun. Here is how it works:
~Simply leave a comment on this post (any comment will do).
~You have until Monday, February 4th to join in the fun.
~The winner will be announced here on Tuesday and I will ovenight the lucky winner this fantastic note pack.
~Best of all - the odds of winning are great considering this is our first giveaway.
Need more enticing? Here are images of all 6 note cards.


Lisa said...

Well, I guess I'm first!
I love the cards, they are very cute. I've even added your site to my blog, so I hope it helps out. Good luck to you and this new adventure.
I heart my family and friends, they are all wonderful people in my life. The are a great support to me.

Amy said...

These cards are adorable. I love them! You are so creative.

Julie said...

I love the cards and how cute are they.:)

Sam, Sherri, Daniel, and Lucie said...

I love them! I'll add this link to my blog if that is cool with you?

Rachel Keyser said...

You don't know me, but I'm Amy's friend...I'm always up for free cute cards!

michelle taggart said...

i'm here to support you heather, and swanky paper!!! i'm so excited for your new business, i know it's just going to take off!!

Vanessa Cavaco said...

Hi Heather,
I think your designs are amazing and I love your work..I added your link to my blog...keep up the fantastic work!

Raimi said...

Your cards are very cute! I will pass your blog on to others. I heart my hubby & my 4 energetic little boys. Thye give me lots to be thankful for! Good luck with your business.


Alycat said...

Love the cards you made me!!!
I also love my hubby & little boy & girl!!

Nicki said...

I HOPE I WIN! I've been planning on sending valentines this year and still wondering what these valentines are going to look like!

The Warnick's said...

Such classy, SUPER cute cards!


Jenmomof4 said...

I just found you by visiting Etsy. I love stationary!! Please enter me in!!


Emily said...

Am I too late?!?! Hope not. I LOVE cards like these. Too cute.
Thanks! -Emily (you may remember the last name of Padilla) :)