Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Art of a Thank You - is it really an art form?

Everyone wants to be appreciated and more so after giving a gift. In this day and tech savvy age, thank you notes are just a click away – right? Who has ever sent a thank you via email? I can not recall when I have ever done that, except maybe the time someone give me a thank you gift. I think it was Miss Manners who once said that it really is OK to not send a thank you note after someone sends you a thank you gift. Then it just becomes overkill. But I still wanted to let them know it was appreciated.

My grandmother taught me about sending thank you notes back when I was a little girl. I think she even bought our family a Miss Manners book back then too. She always gives great gifts and is so thoughtful with each one. She can always find the perfect gift. In turn I love to send her little notes to let her know how much I adore each gift and the thoughtfulness that went into the gift.

I know that I am guilty of forgetting to send a thank you note here and there…but a late thank you is better than no thank you.
The art of a Thank You is really quite simple. The format that I use has gotten me through life so far and so without further ado here is a tried and true format for sending the perfect thank you:

1. Address the person. “Dear Grandma,” Sounds simple enough right? Good. We are on the same page.

2. Thank the person and acknowledge the gift. “Thank you for the lovely necklace.” But what if the gift is not something that you care for? That should not matter! Thank the person and acknowledge the gift. You don’t have to lie and say that you love it. There are some great alternatives, and here is one; “Thank you for the beaded necklace. The beads are exquisite and the bold colors brighten my day. I will think of you whenever I wear it.”

3. It is always nice to mention how nice it was to see them or that you look forward to seeing them in the future. “It was nice to see you at my party.” Or “I hear you are doing quite well. I hope to visit soon.”

4. Thank the person again and close the note. “Thanks again for the fantastic necklace. Love, Your Grand-Daughter” And that's it!

It is a simple and easy formula to write your thank you notes. It's really not an art form and it does not have to be long – in fact a thank you letter is often a bad idea. One will lose sight of the reason for the note in the first place. Keep your thank you notes short, simple and to the point.

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